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Most of the images on this page come from the time before I took up weather-photography seriously, so that they are the fruits of opportunism/luck in the main! It's often said that, for us severe weather obsessives, sunsets only really count if they've got a tornado silhouetted in them!

In an attempt to disprove the above statement, here are some sunsets from Mid-Wales and beyond, some weird/not-so-weird fog effects and a couple of even stranger weatherpix!

Above Cymerau in the early 1990s. The hills hereabouts are richly wooded with small scrub-oaks which make ideal silhouette material!

A little bit of camera-shake here but there was a freezing force 9 easterly blowing at the time (December 1997). I was on Anglesey: this is the headgear of the Parys Mountain mine, where a mining company had sunk a shaft a few years before...

April 1990, after closing time at the Allt Bar near Knockan in Assynt, NW Scotland. A well-used watering hole for geologists, climbers and fishermen! When I used to be a "voluntary worker" with the British Geological Survey the work was hard but the places it took me were fantastic!

The mountain is Suilven, perhaps the most striking of all our hills. Well worth climbing despite the 7-mile walk-in from Lochinver. The farther top is completely flat, about the size of a small lawn and covered in fine turf!

This was taken on Borth Beach in 1991.

This was again sometime in the early 1990s, looking from Talybont over Borth Bog and to the last light on the sea beyond.

Parallel lines - Cardigan Bay from Carn Owen, near Talybont, ca. 1990. The sea's 10 miles away and the effect was got with a telephoto lens......

This was taken on a really cold day and I think that feeling comes out to an extent (well, that was the idea!!). Nowadays I'd describe this as a line of Cbs out to the SW with fog forming over frost-fields in the foreground! Near Lampeter, Dec 1996.

Dawn from Rhiwlwyfen, a farm in the hills near Machynlleth, where I lived 1994-2000. Up here, you couldn't fail to notice the weather - it was all around. Oddly, just after I left in 2000, my now empty flat was struck by lightning and the bathroom ceiling collapsed!

November 1991, from Dyfi Bridge, Machynlleth. It had been foggy all day which allowed a very weird lighting effect as the sun went down. The bright light in the middle is car headlights on the Aberdyfi road....

UPDATE: there is a reason for this strange glow, as set out by Chris Chatfield of TORRO: "
I would like to suggest that the November 1991 picture from Dyfi Bridge is a volcanic sunset caused by Mount Pinatubo ash. I saw quite a few post-sunset purple glows and 'ultracirrus' around the end of 1991, though the best volcanic sunset effects were after El Chicon in 1982." Thanks, Chris!

Taken in April 2002: an unusual sun-pillar extends up from the horizon just after the sun has set at Ynyslas. Sun-pillars are most likely to form when high-level clouds are present. Platy ice-crystals falling within the cloud, with a gentle side-to-side rocking motion, reflect the sunrays back to the observer as a standing beam of light. Sometimes when ice-crystals are present at much lower altitudes the same effect may be generated by city lights!

This one shows an important weather phenomenon that can create interesting opportunities for any landscape photographer. It requires calm weather to develop well, and you may like to try and
reflect on what this image is!! Taken near Bugeilyn above Machynlleth on an autumn day, mid-1990s. Things are not always what they initially seem.......

Another big clue is that, when viewed
properly it doesn't look so good!


New! Fine Art Prints & digital images for sale-
Welsh Weather & Dyfi Valley landscapes Slide-Library - Click