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21st September 2007


It's over 15 years since I started out in landscape photography and nearly ten since the weather became an increasing feature in my photographs! The idea of selling some of my work has been with me for a long time, and finally I am pleased to announce the launch, as an integral part of this website, of the Dyfi Valley and Welsh Weather Slide Library.

The Slide Library covers as many aspects of Mid-Wales as possible (in other words it will expand ad infinitum) - its landscape, local landmarks and of course our famous Welsh weather. The Dyfi Valley and adjacent coasts and hills naturally dominate the material on view, though one or two from Scotland and elsewhere have also managed to sneak in! However, these are exceptions: there are already plenty of excellent Scottish slide-libraries, whereas there are relatively few covering my part of the world. I hope, therefore, that this becomes a useful addition to what is currently available!

above: near Dylife, May 2003

The job in hand:

Encouraged by media contacts often complaining that it was a struggle to find the images they were after, I invested in a professional-quality film-scanner in January 2007, and set about working through the hundreds of slides I have in my collection and digitising the best. The procedure involved checking them all in a viewer, scanning the good ones, then resizing to see how well they would enlarge, with an arbitrary minimum print size of 16 x 10" and a maximum of 36 x 24". Slides that are taken in low-light, stormy conditions will rarely enlarge to that maximum: even with a tripod the vibration of the wind can cause problems. Many fell by the wayside! Yet I arrived with a collection of 300+ images that would enlarge to various degrees, and some that would go beyond that 36 x 24 figure.

above: Aran Fawddwy & Creiglyn Dyfi, March 2005

The Library consists of a series of galleries, where thumbnails plus captions can be browsed. These are arranged by subject (geographical or weather-type): upon clicking a thumbnail image, the viewer is taken to an enlarged JPEG. Clicking "back" then takes the viewer back to where they were on a thumbnail page. I hope it proves easy to navigate, and enjoyable to browse.

above: northern Cardigan Bay and the Lleyn Peninsula, September 2006

What will be available?

Prints will be available, via a professional Fine Art printing firm that I have entrusted the work to, on archival quality papers and on stretched canvas. As it's also a Slide Library, images for multimedia usage will be made available in digital format. Prices will depend on intended usage. A detailed price-list can be found on the site.

This periodically-updated blog will continue as ever: please note that if you see an image in the blog and it's not in the Slide Library, then it's failed some critical test or other! Many did, as a lot of the images I include in the blog serve to illustrate some technical point or other regarding things meteorological, and although interesting from that point of view, they would not be framed on my wall, or anyone else's for that matter!

Framing. Hmmm - after giving this consideration, it struck me that often when you go to someone's house you will see that all the pictures on their wall are framed in a certain way: go to another house and you will find the opposite. For that reason I think the mounting/framing (with the exception of stretched canvas) is best left to the customer. They will best know how to match a picture to their others, or the colour of their wall, or whatever, in terms of presentation.

A link to this big new part of the site is provided below. I hope that my efforts have been worthwhile and - even if you are not intending to purchase prints - that the properly-scanned images will be fun to go through. More weather soon, in this section, as soon as something eventful happens again!


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