Central Wales
RIGS listing:

The Central Wales RIGS group has now (Spring 2008) completed its main audit of 130 sites within Powys and Ceredigion and summarised results are now available via this page.

When a site is selected as a RIGS, a geologist who specialises in the relevant Earth Science category produces a report on it, explaining its relevance within that field. Summarised reports for RIGS in Ceredigion and Powys are available here, to download in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them
. Most computers have this software but if yours hasn't, it is available as a free download from Adobe.

The PDF report for each site includes the following information: site name, grid reference, RIGS category, Earth Science category and the RIGS statement of interest which comprises one or two paragraphs summarising the geology of the site. Full reports for each site (including accessibility/location, site boundary,  geological context, reference list, safety, site condition etc) are available by arrangement with Bill Fitches via the Contact link (top R on this page).

We have split the listings with links to PDF reports into two pages, one for Ceredigion and one for Powys. Alongside each RIGS site name, we have included its  Earth Science category, so that if you only want to look at Quaternary, or Silurian stratigraphy sites, or structural geology sites, you can find these at a glance. Please follow these links to start searching: