Our Objectives

In the next couple of years, a major part of the Central Wales RIGS group's efforts will be to locate and describe the important geodiversity sites in our region. We anticipate recording some 100 sites in addition to the 40 already completed. The results of this audit will be used for conservation purposes, to advise planners, provide information for schools, colleges and universities, and material for field excursions. At the same time we will prepare Geodiversity trails along the coast, in the hills and into the towns, accompanied by leaflets, brochures and information boards. The castles and other interesting buildings will be looked at and the geological stories offered at some of the big quarries will be explored. We will also guide field trips for educational purposes and for general interest.

To complete this huge task in a huge region in a short time involves a lot of voluntary effort by many people who have experience of the various aspects of Geodiversity, of graphics, photography and design, and those who can wield secateurs, bush-saws or drive a JCB to clean up an overgrown quarry or two. At present, interested parties include geologists from CCW, former British Geological Survey staff, retired oil company personnel, academics from the universities of Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Swansea, mineralogists, school teachers, members of the Mid Wales Geology Club based in Newtown, the Severnside Branch of the Open University Geological Society and the Welsh Stone Forum.