From the Sea to the Mountains - the Mid-Wales image-library
Photography by John Mason of Machynlleth

How to buy: Prices, Delivery, Terms & Conditions


Below, you will find my price guidelines for prints of images and for licensed images supplied in digital format for commercial usage. 


The images are presented in six galleries - links above, classified by geography and weather-type.

Each gallery consists of a series of thumbnail images. Mouse over them for brief captions. If you click on a thumbnail you will be taken to see an 800 pixel wide enlargement with a more detailed caption plus a specific link to email me if you want to purchase or enquire about an image.
The subject line of your email to me will automatically include the item number you are interested in.

For licensed digital images, please contact me giving details of intended use. The high-resolution image will then be supplied by me in TIFF format (or JPEG if requested) at a normal resolution of 300 pixels per inch: supply can be by email or via Dropbox depending on client preferences and filesize.


Image printing is done by Redcliffe Imaging of Bristol onto archival-quality media using top-end longlife pigmented inks. When an order is placed, the lab handles the rest, including delivery.

Redcliffe Imaging Fine Art Printing:


Printed using the latest imaging equipment and profiling technology with archival quality pigmented inks onto fine art and photo-base papers. The inks are UV stable and offer a lifespan of 100+ years. Choose from 325 gsm Hahnemuhle Baryte (semi-gloss finish) or 308 gsm Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (absolute matte finish). These prints are unmounted, as I feel there is such a range of personal tastes when it comes to mounting and framing pictures, and it is therefore best left for the customer to decide.

Prices (as of early 2015) vary from 40.00 for an A4 print through 64 for a 24 x 16 inch print to 125.00 for a giant 36 x 24-inch print, including delivery. Please contact me for details.


Canvas prints on 100% pure cotton artist canvas (340g/square metre), carefully hand-stretched and secured over a mitred and wedged wooden stretcher frame. Stretched canvas prints can be either gallery wrapped, where the image wraps around the edge of the stretcher or image flush, where the edge of the stretched canvas shows bare white canvas.  The size of the stretcher dictates how far the canvas will stand from your wall.

Prices as of early 2015 vary a lot because the firms offering this service no longer include Redcliffe and there seem to be price-wars going on out there so some orders enjoy heavy discounts! Please contact me for the current situation.


Both print orders and commercial orders in digital format will be supplied with an invoice.  For print orders, payment in full, by cheque, by postal order or by BACS, is required prior to an order being printed. When paying by cheque this will involve a slight delay while the cheque clears. My apologies in advance for this but I cannot afford to have an expensive stretched canvas print made and then find that a cheque has been returned, as I am sure you will appreciate!

Turnaround with the printers is normally 10-15 days.


For Fine Art prints, delivery is by UPS.

For images supplied in digital format, UK delivery is included in the price.

For international enquiries involving shipping, please contact me by email and I will make enquiries regarding delivery logistics/costs and get back to you forthwith.


The following prices are for commercial usage i.e. if any admission charge, purchase price, license fee or other revenue stems from the materials or situations in which the images are used. For non-commercial use the charge will be subject to discount. In either case, commercial or non-commercial, please
contact me, citing the image(s) in question, with details of intended usage and we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Editorial use: Books

Low production run (<10,000):
Up to 1/4 page 30
Up to 1/2 page 40
Full page 50
Cover 100

Medium production run (10,000 to 100,000):

Up to 1/4 page 60
Up to 1/2 page 80
Full page 100
Cover 200

High production run (>100,000)

Up to 1/4 page 120
Up to 1/2 page 160
Full page 200
Cover 400

Editorial use: Commercial newspapers & magazines

Low circulation (<10,000):
Up to 1/4 page 40
Up to 1/2 page 50
Full page 60
Cover 140

Medium circulation (10,000 to 100,000):

Up to 1/4 page 80
Up to 1/2 page 100
Full page 120
Cover 280

Mass circulation (>100,000):

Up to 1/4 page 160
Up to 1/2 page 200
Full page 240
Cover 560

Editorial use: Television, video, DVD etc

For 6 Months 30
For 12 months 60
For 5 years 120
For 10 years 240

Editorial use: Electronic media - web, CDs etc

For 6 Months 20
For 12 months 40
For 5 years 80
For 10 years 160

Commercial CD/DVD covers:

Inside cover/booklet - low production run (<10,000) 100
Inside cover/booklet - medium production run (10,000 to 100,000) 200
Inside cover/booklet - high production run (>100,000) 300

Cover - low production run (<10,000) 200
Cover - medium production run (10,000 to 100,000) 300
Cover - high production run (>100,000) 400

Displays and exhibitions in Museums & Galleries:

For 6 months: 100
For 12 months: 200
Permanently: 300

Usage in advertising/promotional materials:

Printed materials:

Up to A5: 150
A5 to A4: 225
Above A4: 300

TV/Cinema/DVD: 600

CUSTOMER CONFIDENTIALITY: Any data collected from any customers of this website in their placing of orders and payments (specifically email addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses) will remain confidential and will not, with the exception of delivery addresses (which my printer will need), be shared with any third parties.

COPYRIGHT: All content within is unless otherwise accredited the property of John Mason (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988). Unauthorised use of any of said content in any manner will result in legal proceedings being taken out against the transgressor.

IMAGE LICENSING: Images from the slide library are supplied for single use only and must not be used in any other application unless by prior agreement. They must be accredited in writing to John Mason.

COLOUR: Calibration and colour-management have been applied to the equipment and the images throughout the scanning, processing and printing stages of the workflow. However, it is important to understand that many people use computer monitors that have not been colour-calibrated. As a demonstration of this, go into your local electrical superstore and look at the display of tv screens on the back wall. They are usually all displaying the same channel but each set has slight differences in colour, density and contrast. For that reason, it's worth getting your monitor calibrated if colours look a bit "off". This is less of an issue than it used to be, but I thought I'd mention it.